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Anonymous asked: I'd say that women are punished less for stepping out of their gender roles.


I agree. In terms of the way society views these things I would definitely agree. In fact I would go so far as to say that of a woman goes for a traditionally male position she is actively encouraged. She gets a pat on the back for empowering herself. If a man goes for a traditionally female position he is looked down on.

I do think this is the achievement of feminism. And I think it is both a positive and a negative thing. It is positive because it is of course a good thing to see women able to break away from their gender roles and make their own choices. It is negative because in a way I think it is feminism which as enforced this idea of feminine traits being ‘lesser’ on society.

Feminism has taught us that men have always had choices, whereas women have not. So looking at the ‘choices’ men have made throughout the centuries we would automatically think they would take the ‘better’ choices, wouldn’t we. Of course this is bullcrap. Men had no more choice than women. While women may have had to stay at home and look after the children, men had to go to work. They had no choice. 

So what we have is two sets of gender roles. But because one group has supposedly ‘chosen’ their role we have almost been duped into believing that role is therefore ‘better’. And it is not men who have taught us this. To a large degree it is feminism.

In reality ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ traits both have their relative merits and are both important and needed. And this is one of the most important things we need to talk about. We need to dispel this myth that men chose their place in society and make people understand that the gender binary has restricted all of us


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